With his roots in street photography, autodidact Swedish photographer Christian Nilson’s work now takes the form of imagery through short and long term documentary projects. Following a move to Switzerland in 2006 he challenges his natural introverted character through the camera. His uncompromising style and openness allow his audience to enjoy and celebrate his chosen subjects; using flash photography his pictures reveal much ‘because I want the viewer to see everything, no hiding, no guessing.’

Following his London debut at the 2017 FIX Photo Festival Nilson gained representation at L A Noble Gallery. He is also a member of The Swiss Association for Contemporary Photography NEAR and the Swiss photographer agency 13 Photo. Nilson’s work is informed through his experience, living in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland alongside extensive travels for photographic projects and assignments.



– Shortlisted, Athens Photo Festival 2017
– Nominee, Nordic Dummy Awards 2016 (The Swiss)
– Finalist, The Royal Photographic Society 159th Intl. Print Exhibition
– Shortlisted, Vienna Photo Book Review 2016 (The Swiss)
– Shortlisted, Athens Photo Festival 2016


– 2017, Magazzini Fotografici, Napoli, Italy
– 2017, Athens Photo Festival 2017, Athens, Greece
– 2017, FIX Photo Festival, London, England
– 2016/2017, The Royal Photographic Society Intl. Print Exhibition, Traveling exhibition, United Kingdom
– 2015, Photo15, Zurich, Switzerland


– Nilson, Christian, The Swiss, Zürich, Scheidegger & Spiess, 2016