The report that I maintain with nature became more and more important, over the years. Photographic series, engravings and drawings that I realised are built like a dialogue, a questioning between distinct and opposite spaces. I seek to create bridges, links or breaks between what is tangible, palpable, physical and what is not. To question and break the borders of the visible and the invisible.


Amstutz lives in Lausanne. He graduated from the ES photography program of the Ecole d’arts appliqués in Vevey, Switzerland (CEPV) and obtained in 2010 the master diploma MAPS in visual arts of the Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais in Sierre, Switzerland (ECAV). Amstutz photographic works have been exhibited at the Aperture Foundation in New York, Rencontres d’Arles photography festival, Centre culturel suisse in Paris, Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography and Fotonoviembre Festival in Tenerife. In 2012-2013, Amstutz was resident in the Atelier genevois de gravure contemporaine, in Geneva (AGGC). Apart from his artistic practice, Amstutz teaches visual arts with pupils of the elementary and secondary school, in canton of Vaud.


– 2010, Plat(t)form 10, Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland
– 2008, 36e Bourse du Talent, nominated series,, Paris, France
– 2000, Photography education contest, 1st  Price, Ecole supérieure d’arts appliqués, Vevey, Switzerland
– 1998, Theater Photography Price 1998, 2nd  Rank, Union des Théâtres Suisses, St. Gallen, Switzerland


– 2018, Vous êtes ailleurs, Villa Dutoit, Geneva, Switzerland
– 2017, Eternal present, Graphische Sammlung ETH and Helmhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
– 2013, Vue sur le Rhône, Halle Nord, Geneva, Switzerland
– 2012, L’expérience de la ville, Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
– 2010-2014, reGeneration2, Musée de l’Élysée, Lausanne, Switzerland


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