Kostas Maros is a swiss photographer who currently lives in Basel and works in Switzerland and worldwide for editorial-, corporate- and advertising clients. Beside this he also works on personal longterm projects. He grew up bilingual, speaking german and french. After school he studied law at a swiss university and worked for several years as a lawyer. Realizing that law was not what he wanted to pursue he went travelling and started to work as an intern for a newspaper. Meanwhile his interest for photography grew and it became his main occupation. kostas maros is represented by the photographers agency 13photo for his commercial work and by the Gallery Monika Wertheimer for his art work.


– 2019, ‘hidden, verborgene Orte in der Schweiz’ exhibited for one year at Museum, Forum Wurth
– 2019, ‘janguru’, exhibited at Photo Basel, Gallery Wertheimer
– 2019, ‘janguru’, exhibited at Gallery Wertheimer, Oberwil
– 2018, ‘hidden, verborgene Orte in der Schweiz’, exhibited at photobastei Zurich
– 2016, vfg young swiss sponsorship, ‘teslverlekh’ exhibited at école cantonale d’art (ecal) Lausanne


– Shortlisted at Deutscher Fotobuchpreis for ‘hidden, verborgene Orte in der Schweiz’ 2018 / 2019
– Winner of swiss photo award 2018 with ‘hidden, verborgene Orte in der Schweiz’
– 3rd place of swiss photo award 2018 with ‘inklusion, wenn anderssein normal ist’
– Moscow international foto award, ‘Cabaret Bizarre’, 3rd winner people culture
– Swiss press photo award, 3rd place swiss documentaries with the series ‘Cabaret Bizarre’


– Hidden - Verborgene Orte in der Schweiz Kostas Maros, Catherine Iselin (Hg.), Christoph Merian Verlag, Mai 2018
– Inklusive - Wenn Anderssein normal ist, Von der Basler Webstube zum Wohnwerk, Stiftung Wohnwerk (Hg.), Christoph Merian Verlag, November 2017