Rebecca Bowring is an artist and freelance photographer. She questions our relationship to time and the materiality of the images - and imprints - that we leave behind us. Her works are regularly exhibited in Switzerland and internationally, within the framework of ‘Humanitarian Principles Here and Now’ (Musée de l'Elysée, Redcross Museum, DFAE, Geneva, Caracas, Kiev, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Doha, Santiago 2019-2022) of ‘Fotofilmic17 Traveling Exhibition’ (Vancouver, Paris, Thessaloniki, New York, 2018-2019) and recently, in ‘The exhibition which may take place’ (Contemporary Art Center, Geneva, 2021). In October 2020, she launched La Camera, a photographic studio that revisits the genre of portraiture in collaboration with local artists. Rebecca Bowring is a graduate of the Vevey school of photography and of the University of Art and Design (HEAD). She lives and works in Geneva, where she carries out most of her mandates.


– 2021, ‘L’Exposition qui aura peut-être lieu’, Le Commun - Centre d’art Contemporain, GE 
– 2019–2022, ‘Principes Humanitaires ici et maintenant’, Espagne, Chili, Pologne, Japon, Qatar, Russie, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela & CH
– 2018–2019, ‘Fotofilmic Travelling Exhibition’ Vancouver, Paris, Thessaloniki, New York
– 2017, ‘Évidences du réel, la photographie face à ses lacunes’, Musée d’art de Pully, VD
– 2014, ‘Against the Grain, la photographie à contre-courant’, Centre de la Photographie, GE


– 2021, Der Greif #14 avec Sylvie Fleury ‘Yes to all’
– 2017, ‘L’évidence, le vide, la vie, la photographie face à ses lacunes’, Pauline Martin, éd. Ithaque
– 2015, Imago Mundi Art, ‘Helvetia Contemporary artists from Switzerland’, éd. Fabrica
– 2011, ‘Insensé n°9’ – La photographie Suisse