Short Biography

Graduate of ECAL in visual communication section, Cédric Raccio is active in the fields of graphic design, photography, video, installation, music and curation. His images combine processes specific to traditional photography (slow poses, etc.) and refer to the formal level to effects more related to graphics (overprints, use of filters or typographic elements). For several years, he has a strong interest in some alternative microcosms belonging in particular to musical styles such as metal or electro. Like a gonzo photojournalist, he immersed himself in his subjects to detect specific codes and translate them through series of highly aesthetic images. Recently, the artist has chosen to deviate from conventional photography to work on the image as an object and a plastic tool. The photographic base of his approach is reoriented towards a more three-dimensional dimension even instalative and conceptual. He explains: ‘Today my artistic work is still focused on the image but I want to think about its misuse’.


– 2017, Bourse ArtPro, Etat du Valais, Switzerland
– 2015, Berlin Residency, Etat du Valais, Switzerland
– 2013, Prix du jury ‘mention lumière’, Festival Vevey Images, Vevey, Switzerland


– 2018, Ganioz Project Space Le Manoir, Martigny, Switzerland
– 2018, Galerie La Grenette, Sion, Switzerland
– 2017, Triennale d’Art du Valais, Martigny, Switzerland
– 2015, Wiesenstrasse Space, Berlin, Germany
– 2014, Festival Vevey Images, Vevey, Switzerland


– 2015, Yet Magazine, Switzerland
– 2013, ECAL Photography, Editions Hatje Cantz
– 2011, Planches de contact, Deauville, France