Emilien Itim (1993) lives and works in Lausanne, graduated in higher education at the photography school of Vevey (CEPV) in 2019. He’s been working as an independent photographer ever since, and developing artistic projects and professional works. Through the medium, he develops his process and investigates what surrounds him. In search of traces and clues, testimonies and concordances, an atmosphere and unspoken, his images are mixed with various documents, stories, archives and statistics. The multiplicity of sources is of great importance and helps to form a sort of constellation with, rather than to provide an answer, ends up confusing and questioning. His search for imprints of details within even documents form a sort of melancholy journey.


– 2020 ‘L’été sans fin’, collectif exhibition at the CEPV, Festival Images Vevey, CEPV Vevey, CH
– 2020 ‘Yatim’, collectif exhibition, Narrativ from Algeria - Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne, CH.
– 2019 ‘Mythologies’, at the release of the book Le livre de ma vie, Galerie FORMA, Lausanne CH
– 2019 ‘Brutti ma Buoni’, collectif exhibition, Festival Images, CEPV Vevey, Ch
– 2018 ‘White Lies & Unexpected Truths’, collaboration between the CEPV & VIDY, Vidy, Lausanne CH


– ‘Le livre de ma Vie’, #9, Payot Librairie
– ‘Effet Werther’, Photobooks Switzerland, self made.
– ‘Brutti ma Buoni’, CEPV; Festival Images Vevey
– ‘Circle of Confusion’, Rudolf Steiner & Léonore Veya, editions Haus am Gern, Varsovie Pologne
– ‘Liens’, PONTAISE BOOK II, Atelier Mont-Blanc, Lausanne, CH