Human beings in their specific environment and portrait photography are the main focus of my work. I am inspired by curiosity, openness and the desire to uncover people’s authentic core. Leaving my own comfort zone and accompanying people in unfamiliar settings – for instance during polar night in Greenland or in rural Africa – often results in the best and most significant pictures and portraits.
Jonas Kambli, born in 1979, is a trained photographer with 15 years of experience who lives and works in Bern. His pictures have been presented in numerous magazines and exhibitions. In addition to his own artistic projects he works in the commercial sector on corporate design.


– Endless Night, Museum Cerny Inuit Collection, 2016
– WHERE AM I?, Dampfzentrale Bern 2015
– WHERE AM I?, Galerie im Lehrerzimmer, Bern 2015
– Hello my friend, Lehnbrunnengässli, Bern 2009


– Photo book ‘Ilha de Moçambique: Unbekannte Bekannte’ (EN: Unknown acquaintances). ISBN 978-3-033-02159-4